Monday, December 29, 2008

Doing Mission in the Arab World

Rev Dr John Stringer (ed), Doing Mission in the Arab World (Groningen, 2008), 178 pages. $12.95 (excluding S&H)

This is Interserve's first book in the Grassroots Mission Publications series. It was very well received by mission leaders and mission practitioners in the Arab World and elsewhere.

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Here some reactions to this book:
We who are serving on the ground found this book stimulating, it promoted discussion between us. It mentioned things that we agreed with but had not been able to put into words and encouraged us to rethink some things we were doing. It was varied enough to have something of interest to all types of people. Most of the chapters were practical and helpful. We recommended it to colleagues.


  1. Another great book is in a novel format "Amir sSalaam;" you learn much of the same principles as you read the story of an Algerian family living in New Brunswick, Canada & of their travels in North Africa.
    Get the book from Arab World Ministries - go to:
    available both in Canada & USA

  2. Get a little better look at the novel Amir sSalaam by going Would you like to know more about Ahl al Kitaab ... the People of the Book? Then look at: or